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Widget Android yang berguna

Posted by admin Date: 18/09/2018

Sebagai system administrator yang menguruskan server Linux, SSH merupakan ‘swiss army knife’ mereka. Ia mustahil dapat dipisahkan. Para administrator yang menggunakan peranti Android, JuiceSSH merupakan salah satu daripada aplikasi SSH yang amat berguna bagi menguruskan server mereka. Kelebihan pada JuiceSSH ini adalah ia ada widget yang boleh memantau prestasi penting server mereka. Widget ini menggunakan […]

Website speed test

Posted by admin Date: 17/09/2018

While doing some work related test, I’ve found out a site that can test the page speed load on our website. We can test the speed of our website load from 24 pre-defined locations. Speed test from 24 locations There are also waterfall view on the performance report of our website. waterfall view of the […]

iBackup Viewer

Posted by admin Date: 16/09/2018

This is useful tools to extract your iDevices backup from iTunes. Details can be obtained here. However, as of today, there are some glitches in the apps. Hopefully it can be fixed soones possible.   Error to load some data. Might be because of the apps in the phone update or the iBackup Viewer need […]